Rose… A piece of writing from a time ago.

I wrote this many moons ago, and yet I still feel like I am continuing the journey I always imagined. Crossing seas, traveling to far off places, living and experiencing culture are my best memories, and my every future dream. Writing is something I have cherished since before I could remember, it has kept me alive and open. I will be sharing many pieces of writing, some simply about raw emotion, and others based upon the beautiful people I have met on my travels. Certain pieces have been written for projects to raise funds for causes such as the Rwandan Orphan Fund, and Maji Mazuri. I will be updating as frequently as inspiration allows, and sharing with you older pieces that are close to my heart. I will even be sharing some special pieces about my path to organic living! I hope you enjoy this little bit of prose and I hope for all of you to find the world of your imagination on a daily basis! 47602_619170752434_602485780_n

I have looked onto the horizon since I was a child, though the meaning of that perplexing line has changed somewhat over the years. As a child I looked upon it as if it were the most miraculous picture I had ever seen. A waterfall you see, the largest there ever was, and I was enraptured with every part of it. I would gaze for hours planning in my mind the trip of a life time, sail boats, pirates, and nonstop exhilaration. I wanted nothing else but to be witness to such a phenomenon. My imagination was wild back then, full of power and determination. My favorite spot was a desolate one, secretive and mysterious hidden in the shadows, but as in a fairy tale once you went through the shadows there was freedom. Freedom that could be felt through my soul, and make me forget the conceivable and loose myself in the impossible.  I grew of course and was constantly told that the line I saw out there, where the ocean seemed to perish, was really where the world I knew ended and the world I had never witnessed began. Yet how Could I trust them? In my mind the horizon was a waterfall into the never-land of my imagination; to them it was a perilous line that pried at their closed minds. They say you grow up in an instant and it’s so hard to believe that something so life changing could happen so quickly, but this is one thing I was taught, that I learned to trust in. One day you possess a certain childish innocence; you are fascinated by the small, and amazed by the simplistic rhythms of the wind. Then it happens, a threat to your imagination, or that first love that turns into despair, whatever it is, it strips the innocence you once possessed away, and in that instant you forget what it was like to be a child. I realized one day looking into the horizon that it possesses certain immortality, an immortality for my mind. I have yet to go past the world I know into the world I haven’t seen, but I do long to feel it, every bit of it, the pain, the power, the sorrow and the bliss. As a child the horizon was my goal, my only desire was to hold it in my hands and make it entirely my own. Now the horizon is my escape, my dream yet to come true. Though, one day I will travel to that waterfall beyond my vision,  I will conquer the fleets of ships in my dreams, and one day, I will be in that new world, and it will be entirely my own… I will be in the world of my imagination.