The Choice to Cook

Life can go in a vast array of directions. It can also start up stream and decide to whip around and change course dramatically. Often I see my life in colors. Some days are filled with brightness chartreuse light slipping around me, while the blue in the sky beams down making all the colors of the world around me magnify. Other days, are filled with a deeper contrast. Indigo blue shrouds my sight, and a dark sultry red trickles delicately onto everything I create. It is on these days, the dark days that I crave creativity more than ever. The kitchen was always home to me. The smells of my childhood are cilantro, parsley, basil, rosemary, and garlic on soft hands. I was born an introvert, I cared more for my colored pencils, and my animals than I did for people. There was an exception to this, and that was I blossomed when I created food for others. It was exactly like when I wrote words on my favorite paper, cooking became a means of expression, a way to show people I loved them, a way to create beauty through simplicity.  Food is nourishment for your body, but when you eat food that is pure that is real it is nourishment for your soul. The choice to cook, was a decision I made for myself, but it has grown it has rooted deep within me and now my desire is to share this love with others. Beyond making meals and sharing recipes I also want to make a point to stop people around the world from going hungry. There is plenty of sustenance on this earth for all, but just as my course changed the planets course has altered from the choices of mankind. I cook to bring joy to people, I cook to create something magical out of what some would deem ordinary ingredients, I cook to bring life to my body and others bodies, I cook to create beauty, I cook to remember my childhood, and I cook to create my future. As I spend late nights configuring how my first cook book is going to look, the voice that will be present, and all the other little details that create a whole, I am most excited about sharing vegan simplicity with people all over the globe. I am hopeful that one book will turn into 10 books, and that every book will give back to people who deserve for more than myself. ❤

Children's School Mathare


Lilla Baci Weekly Menu

                                                                    Lilla Baci- Weekly Menu

Above is a link to the official weekly menu for Lilla Baci!! I am beyond excited about this next step in spreading the word on organic vegan cuisine and lifestyle! For the first time I am putting all of my energy and time into growing a beautiful vegan business. Vegan food is such an adventure. For many who were not raised in a vegan or vegetarian household it is a whole new exploration in the kitchen. It also forces you to make a connection with your plate. You start becoming interested in where your produce comes from, new ingredients bring you to different locations and connect you with fabulous local organic farmers that you begin to establish relationships with. The vegan community I am becoming part of has become family. Like minds and like hearts striving for a similar purpose; to give every creature on this earth a fair chance at a wonderful life. I would love for you all to take a minute and read through the menu! It will be changing weekly based on the produce available through my farmers and the seasons. I would love to hear all of your thoughts! I thank you for sharing this with me and I look forward to getting to know so many of you on a more personal level! Blessings and love to all! xoxo


Roasted Beet Salad with Baby Kale, Blackberries, and Tangerines dressed with a Balsamic Reduction


This colorful array of goodness has been my favorite salad since I was a tiny little girl. I have always adored beets, their rich varying colors, their earthy robust flavor. Simply sent from the divine. In this dish the roasted beets give way to the sweet juiciness of blackberries, and then a tart blast from the tangerines all evened out by the grounded baby kale. The balsamic reduction that is added with the warm beets becomes a caramelized sensation that brings you on a journey you will want to take again and again. This dish brings together simple, seasonal ingredients and takes you back to what nourishment from food is all about. Get ready to crave this daily!!

Roasted Beet Salad with Baby Kale, Blackberries, and Tangerines dressed with a Balsamic Reduction

Serves: 3-4

The Goods:

2-3 Bunches of beets, red, candy, golden whatever is available

2 bunches of kale, or a bag full of baby kale

2 tangerines

1/2 pint of blackberries (more if you so desire)

2 cups balsamic vinegar

1 bunch of parsley

10 basil leaves

lemon zest and tangerine zest

1 teaspoon olive oil

2 garlic cloves

salt and pepper

Put it all together:

Wash beets well, you can save the greens if you wish and make delicious sauteed beet greens. Place washed beets in a roasting dish. Rub olive oil, salt and pepper all over them and place in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The beets will take about an hour to an hour and half depending on size. You want them soft yet firm. While the beets are roasting, prepare the kale and herbs. Wash the kale well, if you are using bunches of lacinato kale, de-stem it first and then wash well. If using baby kale just wash well and add to your favorite salad bowl. Chop basil, parsley and garlic cloves. Add to bowl with kale. Zest one lemon and one tangerine and add zest to salad bowl. Massage all with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Add tangerine and blackberries. When the beets are finished roasting take them out of the oven and allow them to cool on a cutting board. Once cool peel the skin off and slice however you wish. Now for the balsamic reduction. You will put the two cups of balsamic in a pan over medium heat, feel free to add lemon zest or herbs of your choice. Let the balsamic reduce for about 5-7 minutes. It will reduce to a gorgeous thick syrup. Pour this reduction right over the warm beets in the salad and then toss the salad together. You can also add fresh squeezed lemon juice for an extra punch! That is all. Simple ingredients, exquisite taste.


Rainbow Organic Salad with a side of Garden Herb Wedges



Summertime is upon us, and in Southern California that means scorching hot days that make you want to cry, and yet the produce that comes is so heavenly I choose to ignore the heat bask in the shade of my kitchen and make delicious food with the goods available.  One day after work I was in the mood for a beautiful salad and luckily I had just gone to the farmers market the day before. I had a fridge full of greens, beets, avocado, tomatoes and herbs. YUM. At the same time I had a full bag of potatoes, and a garden full of rosemary and thyme. So garden wedges were made!! I hope you all are enjoying what this steamy season and all the delicious variety it provides!! Happy Summer!! xoxoxo



Juice Party!

Beet, Watermelon, and Lemon

A tasty treat on an amazingly beautiful day. I so wish the blistering heat would stay away and the cool breezy heat would stay for a spell. But sadly we are heading into the depths of summer, meaning long days of excruciating sunshine. On the bright side, juicing becomes so much more fun in the summer months. On winter mornings I have to force juice down, I wake up and just want to dive into a cup of tea and a big bowl of baked oatmeal. In the summer there is nothing more refreshing and energizing than a large bottle of juice. This baby was packed with beets, watermelon, and tons of lemon juice.  Give it a try if you feel like something refreshing and filled with live enzymes! Get juicing my beauties! 



Organic Vegan Pesto with Tomatoes and peppers Roasted in Balsamic and Sherry Vinegar

Vegan Pesto Bites


So favorite foods in the world… Tomatoes, Basil, and Tomatoes. Seriously there is nothing I love more than a gorgeous organic tomato right off the plant. The farmers at Farmers Market are awesome, and of course I have made many friends among them. However the lovely people who run the heirloom tomato stands in summer know me on a whole other level. Crazy tomato girl level. This is one of my very favorite dishes to entertain with. Its simple, and sinfully delicious. It wows a crowd, and yet does not stress the host to the point of drinking all the wine before everyone shows up. Win, win if you ask me! So lets get started. 


The Goods for the Pesto-

2 cups of basil

2 large garlic cloves, or 3 smaller cloves ( use your taste buds if you want it stronger add more, but go slow!)

1/4 cup pine nuts

a small handful of walnuts

The juice of 2 lemons (add more or less depending on taste)

Enough olive oil to make a smooth lovely pesto. Just add slowly while processing

Salt and Pepper


The Goods for the Roasted Tomatoes and Peppers

You can roast any tomatoes you like, however for presentation I always use Organic Sugar Plum Tomatoes!

2-3 peppers, I love yellow with the red and green, but feel free to use any color you like and add more or less!

Sherry Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

Olive oil

One full head of Garlic

Salt and Pepper

Basil and Parsley ( Optional)


The Goods to put all this great stuff on-

I use Organic French Baguettes sliced and toasted. You can use any bread you like really even Gluten Free!! Yum!! And feel free to toast with some olive oil and garlic!

I prepare the pesto first as it can sit in the fridge and get even tastier while I cook the rest. If you want to prep it the night before go for it! Just beware that the green can become less vibrant while sitting overnight but if you add more lemon on top it lessens the discoloration a bit!  You will need a food processor or a blender for this pesto. Start off by toasting the nuts lightly in a pan on low heat. Watch them carefully, I have personally murdered many a pine nut. Once the nuts are toasted set them aside. Wash your basil and make sure to pick as close to the stem as possible. If you get to many stems in the pesto it will be bitter! Place the basil in the food processor and process until chopped. Add the nuts, lemon, and garlic. Start processing and slowly pour in the olive oil until there is a nice smooth consistency. Lastly add salt and pepper,  add slowly and keep processing until the flavor is just right. With this recipe it is really based on personal taste. I love lemon, and I adore salt so I am pretty generous with both. Taste throughout and find your perfect pesto! Now onto the roasting of tomatoes and peppers. Your house if going to smell like bliss so be ready to start twirling around your kitchen with happiness. Place tomatoes and peppers into a roasting pan. You can do whole peppers or slice in half, which for me makes it a bit easier to peel! Place whole garlic cloves in and add a little chopped basil and parsley if you have it!  Drizzle olive oil,  and balsamic over the veggies and use your hands to coat evenly. Add just a bit of sherry and once again use your hands to coat! Put in over on 375 F for about 40 minutes give or take. Toast bread lightly in the oven and then slather the pesto on each piece, add tomatoes and peppers in whichever way is visually pleasing to you, and then devour! Remember to save some for your guests and family.  🙂  I hope you all love these little bites as much as I do! Enjoy!


Organic Vegan Cupcakes


For the love of organic vegan cupcakes! I love making new flavors of cupcakes, so many to try and conquer. Let me know which ones you like the look of and I will post the most requested recipe! If you need it to be gluten free and or sugar free I can help make that happen! 🙂 Hope you are all having a beautiful Saturday! 

ChocoBliss Bites

Decadent Dark Chocolate Bites

Decadent, enticing, delicate, rich, I could use so many adjectives to describe these precious little bites of bliss. I have my days of recipes that take all my days, but to start I really want to share the simple things I create from either trying to get my mind off things, and or just because I have a craving for a particular something. I took part in Live Below the Line and for 5 days I lived on $1.50 a day. So far I have raised $710.00 for the Global Poverty Fund, and it was an experience I will never forget. 1.4 Billion people live below the line each day, not only feeding themselves on $1.50 a day, but that tiny bit of money has to stretch for transportation, medical, housing, etc. These little chocolate bites were made with both smiles and tears. I made them on the last day of my LBL experience. I was hosting a tea party the next day and these guys are best chilled in the refrigerator overnight. I could not eat them or anything else for that matter, but that was not what brought on the tears. As I entered my state of relaxation pouring the melted chocolate slowly off the spoon onto the parchment paper, watching it glide and swirl to make perfect circles, I realized the gravity of poverty and injustice on our earth. Here I was on my last day of LBL, a light at the end of the tunnel, access to all the food and clean water I wanted, pouring chocolate in a beautiful home where I feel pretty safe from day to day, knowing the hunger was only temporary. And yet that day and everyday the majority of people do not have that light at the end of the tunnel. So why me? Why was I not born into something else?  As I write this I realize many of you are like wow, I was just looking for a delicious chocolate bite recipe. I promise, the recipe is awesome but feel like every recipe has a story and this one belongs to these little guys. As I put the pumpkin seeds, cranberries, almonds, goji berries, and currants atop I wished I could give these to all the children that are hungry. My whole self transported somewhere else, and low and behold that night I received more donations.  Magical. These guys will be sold in a couple weeks at the Maji Mazuri bake-sale  you will be hearing more about Maji Mazuri in the coming days. Anytime I make these for someone, or sell them at a bake-sale  they will make a difference. That is my wish for these creations. So if you decide to try our the recipe share with your family, or make them for a friend who needs a smile. I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I do!!! 

ChocoBliss Bites

The Goods-

4 Bars of Organic Dark Chocolate, feel free to use 2 bags of chocolate chips instead

As for the toppings be creative! Feel free to mix it up. I went to the bulk section at Whole Foods and picked up a handful of Goji Berries, raw pumpkin seeds, currants, raw almonds, and dried cranberries! All organic of course!

You can melt the chocolate a couple different ways. I do not use the microwave but if you are short on time, go for it! Be careful not to burn the chocolate, and often times consistency will vary. My favorite way is to create my own double broiler. I get a pot fill it with about 1/2 cup of water and find a glass heat proof bowl that sits just right on the pot. It has worked like a charm my whole life so I have never bothered actually purchasing a double broiler! Break the chocolate bars up and put them in the bowl on top of the pot. Make sure the water is simmering on a nice medium low but try not to let it boil. The chocolate will melt, you can give it a couple stirs to make sure it melts evenly! Once the chocolate is all melted take it off the heat and bring it over to some parchment paper lined cookie sheets, or plates. I used a tablespoon but if you want these to be smaller feel free to use a teaspoon!  Spoon the chocolate onto the parchment paper making circles as small or as large as you want. Mine were about the size of a medium silver dollar you find on the beach!  This process takes about 15 or so minutes but its very relaxing. Once all spooned out, go head and add your toppings in any fashion you see fit! You can make designs, you can free hand, you can do whatever makes you smile! Once all your toppings are on transfer to the Refrigerator and let cool for 3 hours to overnight. That’s all there is! Sit back and enjoy these beauties with everyone you love and cherish! ❤