Lilla Baci is a business that was born of love. Lilla Baci translates to Lilac Kiss. Lilacs are a magical flower with an aroma so divine and a beauty so poignant that great mythical stories have been based around it. I based my company name off of this flower because it is said that a ethereal nymph that was trying to flee a man who was infatuated with her turned herself into a lilac to escape his desire.  Vegan food in general is often looked at as being dull, flavorless, etc.  My goal is to change this perception in people. To put in front of them pieces of art that offer a little taste of otherworldly rapture.  My flavors are bold, my design whimsical.   Lilla Baci is also very sensitive to the natural world, and as such I only use the finest organic ingredients in all of my products, and use all eco friendly packaging.


8 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you so much! So sorry for the late reply, getting the swing of things! I adore your blog and am so pleased that you are enjoying! I will be bringing more goodies your way! xoxoxo

      • Hi thank you for your kind comments 😉 we are all one family and I feel the same connecting to vegans around the world independent of any organization is so empowering and awesome. Greetings from sunny Brisbane Australia !!!! X

      • O man what a small world! I lived in Brisbane for almost 2 years. Some of the best in my life! Such a vibrant city! Look forward to more amazing recipes from you! xoxo

      • wow small world indeed I love living here and love the weather too 🙂 Thanks for saying that about my recipes.. look forward to reading your blog too x 🙂

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